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Our premium daily note on how the Chinese government is reining in big tech, digitizing finance, regulating data, driving innovation, and building the next-generation infrastructure to power its digital economy. 

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    Trivium Tech: what we cover

    Data policy

    In the eyes of China’s leadership, data is the economic resource of the future, and one of the most critical risk areas today. The country’s big-picture strategy for securing and capitalizing on data will drive the development of sectors from e-commerce to autos, and will impact every company with interests in China. Our coverage tracks and unpacks China’s efforts to develop standardized data security frameworks, data markets and trading, cross-border data transfer, and experimental data legislation.

    Tech regulation

    Beijing is in the process of reshaping the tech sector. Bold regulatory interventions have ended the era of “barbaric growth” that gave rise to China’s world-leading tech giants, and poured cold water on consumer internet development. We cover the new rules of the platform economy, consumer and market protection legislation, and how China’s tech titans are adjusting to the new reality.

    State digitization

    China aims to lead the world in digital governance. From modernizing data integration, to building out the “smart city” infrastructure of tomorrow, to upgrading prosaic public services for the 21st century, the project will impact every corner of government. We explore the effort and its potentially game-changing impact on society and the economy.

    Users and demographics

    We keep an eye on China’s changing internet demographics. Rural digitization policies, lower-tier urban tech market development, and the never-ending push to expand internet coverage and quality is driving market opportunities under-appreciated beyond China’s borders.

    Innovation policy

    China has moved up the value chain over the past two decades, and fostering innovation is key to keeping up the momentum. Our tech coverage looks at the policies, initiatives, and pilot projects aimed at cultivating a new wave of discoveries.

    Foundational infrastructure

    China’s digital future is built in the physical world. We track the extensive buildout of infrastructure underpinning China’s next-generation networks. Coverage includes 5G, state-backed data centers, dual-gigabit optical networks, and IPv6 adoption and network protocol upgrades.

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