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Keep close tabs on critical regulatory and industry developments in China’s ever-evolving banking, insurance, and capital markets space.

Trivium Finance is the right subscription for:
  • Multinational banks, insurers, payments companies, and securities firms keen to expand operations in mainland China or Hong Kong.
  • Governments seeking to keep abreast of changes to Chinese financial regulation and assist firms with market entry.
  • Multilateral financial institutions aiming to monitor China’s increasing alignment with international financial standards.

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    Trivium Finance: What we cover

    High-level developments

    From personnel changes, to rate cuts, to keynote speeches, we keep close watch on the headline developments that reverberate across the entire financial system.

    Financial opening

    As China’s financial sector gradually opens, opportunities abound for financial firms and investors seeking to expand their presence on the mainland. We cover high-level regulations aimed at increasing foreign access to China’s financial services sector and capital markets, commentary from key policymakers and advisors, and each and every onshore operating license approval for foreign firms.


    Banking sector regulation is evolving rapidly. For our banking clients, we explain and analyze regulatory changes across numerous areas, including shifting data governance norms, tightening internal controls requirements, and Beijing’s growing emphasis on green finance.


    As Beijing seeks to provide for an aging population and achieve greater economic security, policymakers are increasingly focused on improving the quality, professionalism, and risk management capabilities of China’s insurance industry.

    Capital markets

    No corner of China’s financial system has experienced greater regulatory and political transformation than its capital markets. We dig into the policy changes large and small in the securities, bond, and derivatives markets that define Beijing’s push to develop a world-class “capital market with Chinese characteristics.”

    Greater Bay Area

    The central government has long viewed the Greater Bay Area – the region that includes Guangdong province, Hong Kong, and Macau – as the testing ground and key development site for financial opening. Our coverage delves into the unique policy approach Beijing is deploying in the GBA, as we assist our Hong Kong-based clients in capitalizing on new opportunities on the mainland.

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