Internship application

    Requested start and end dates?

    What we look for: Analyst interns

    Good Chinese language skills. Interns must be capable of working with Chinese-language policy documents and conducting primary-source Chinese language research.

    20-hour per week 3-month minimum commitment. We prefer interns to be available at least 4 hours per work day.

    Strong in Chinese policy. Most of our interns are currently pursuing, or have recently completed, a China-focused degree in economics, politics, technology, agriculture, energy, or public policy.

    What we look for: Editorial interns

    Native English and strong Chinese language skills. Interns will work with Chinese-language policy documents, but all editorial work will be carried out in English.

    Demonstrated interest in editing and thinking analytically about policy developments.

    Editorial interns can work remotely, but their working hours will be based around a GMT+8 time zone.

    What you get

    A team that treats you like family. We go the extra mile to make sure our interns feel respected and included.

    Intern stipend. We issue interns a small monetary stipend upon successful completion of their internship.

    Career development support. Senior staff will make every effort to help you grow, improve, and reach your career goals.

    Certificate of completion. Upon completion of your internship, interns will be issued formal certificates of completion to boost their resume.

    What you might be doing: Analyst interns

    Research assistance: Dig up source documents, monitor developments on specific topics, and draft short research briefs.

    Administrative tasks: Help tidy and prepare analysis for distribution, translate documents, manage web content, or clean up databases.

    What you might be doing: Editorial interns

    Editorial assistance: Editing Trivium’s research and policy analysis, covering areas from geopolitics, to economics, to decarbonization. You’ll also perform independent research that contributes to our analysis.

    Administrative tasks: Managing Trivium’s content distribution platform, fact checking and corroborating qualitative and quantitative data.

    Internship schedules

    Trivium does not have a pre-determined calendar, and internships can begin at any time. Please submit applications at least two weeks before you’re hoping to begin an internship.