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Trey McArver

Partner, Politics

Trey is the founder and chief editor of China Politics Weekly. He is the former Director of China Research for TSLombard, where he helped asset managers and MNCs manage China portfolios.

Prior to that, he was director in charge of public affairs at Beijing-based consultancy North Head. His book on Sino-US relations under Trump will be published by Bloomsbury in 2019.

Andrew Polk

Partner, Econ

Andrew comes to Trivium as the former Director of China Research at Medley Global Advisors, where he advised asset managers and hedge funds on developments in China’s economy and financial markets.

He also served as resident China Economist at The Conference Board’s China Center, where he conducted economic analysis on the Chinese economy for corporate clients and co-authored The Long, Soft Fall in Chinese Growth.

Ether Yin

Partner, Policy

Ether was previously with BowerGroupAsia, a US government affairs and public policy consulting firm. Prior to that, he was a senior consultant at North Head, a Beijing-based public affairs and government relations consultancy.

Ether has advised multinational companies and foreign governmental organizations investing and operating in China in a diverse range of sectors.

Kendra Schaefer

Partner, Tech

Kendra began building websites in the mid-1990s, when Geocities was still a thing, and has been skulking around China’s tech scene since 2004.

She has since consulted on over 150 digital projects for both private investors, SMEs and multinationals. Her clients have included Google, Envato, and the Eezy network. She is literate in Mandarin, and specializes in Chinese interfaces and usability.

Kendra now leads Trivium’s Social Credit Watch project, which is tracking the development of China’s social credit system.

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