Trivium Events

Tea with Trivium

Every month, Trivium issues one — and only one — invitation to tea.

Tea with Trivium

Tea with Trivium is a unique opportunity for our analysts and trainees to get face to face with notable specialists from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. First-hand knowledge from our honored guests allows us to deepen our thinking, and better understand the realities of how Chinese policy plays out on the ground.

These conversations also give guests a chance to hear Trivium’s thinking on policy issues and emerging hot topics.

Our invitees are fascinating people with deep knowledge and original points of view from across government, academia, and trade. The Trivium selection board strives to choose guests with hands-on experience in unique emerging fields, and significant in-country experience in China.

Invitations to Tea are hand-delivered to selected invitees by Trivium staff. Tea with Trivium takes place at one of several luxury dining venues. Afternoon tea sets, canapes, and drinks are served.

What happens at Tea stays at Tea. Conversations at Tea with Trivium are held under strict Chatham House Rules.