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Catch up on the latest Chinese policy developments with Trivium’s quick, 30-minute briefings.

Next: Not your mama’s data policy talk – May 19, 2021

When: May 19, 9:30pm Beijing, 9:30am EST
What: China’s thinking on data policy is undergoing a major evolution. Join Trivium partner Kendra Schaefer as she unpacks the big-picture strategic ideas underpinning China’s new approach to its national data strategy. In this technical talk for non-technical people, Kendra will dig into China’s emerging data market, government open data, and some of the less-explored reasons behind China’s new tech regulation and anti-monopoly push.

Kendra leads Trivium’s tech advisory practice and is co-lead on Trivium’s social credit project. She focuses on Chinese government data infrastructure and domestic informatization.

Kendra began her career in China on the production end of the tech in the early 2000s, building sites, apps, and digital platforms for multinationals entering the China market. She later moved into tech advisory, and has consulted on tech localization and policy for over 150 SMEs and multinationals.