What we can do for You

Trivium’s principals have over 25 years’ experience helping businesses to succeed in China. We excel in understanding the economic, political and regulatory developments that will affect your business.


Having a solid understanding of your operating environment and the factors shaping it is key to optimizing results. We offer the following:

Executive briefing book

A one-stop shop for the C-Suite to understand:

Macro environment
Political landscape
Sector developments
Calendar of key events
Regional overviews
Stakeholder profiles

Stakeholder mapping

We identify the market actors – including government agencies, institutions and officials – impacting your sector.


China is a dynamic and fast-changing market. We can help you to stay on top of the important developments affecting your sector and operations.

Daily media summary

A daily collection of the most important political, economic and geopolitical news affecting China.

Regulatory and political monitoring

Tailored tracking of political, policy and regulatory events affecting your industry or sector. Provided on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Personnel monitoring

We identify what your key stakeholders are doing. Available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


China’s unique political economy requires unique public affairs strategies. We can help you understand how to approach China to maximize success.

Market strategy

We analyze your market from a political economy perspective to identify
opportunities and risks to your success.


We help you to formulate and articulate your value statement(s) to stakeholders.

Third-party evaluation

There are many China-focused consultancies. Some are good, others less so. We understand this industry and can act as an honest broker to evaluate your partners.

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